Kokusai Colt Python, part 2

Ok, so I revealed about a week or so ago that I had found a replica revolver that I had seen on a website or two several years ago but had been very elusive for me to obtain even after searching and searching for a very long time. It’s the Japanese company Kokusai Colt Python […]

Kokusai Colt Python

Hello everyone! This is rather interesting because I finally found something that has proved elusive for quite some time. It’s a Colt Python replica that was made by a Japanese company called Kokusai. Many years ago I saw these on the Internet but by then they were out of production and very difficult to find. […]

Back Then

When I was a kid growing up I remember being a bit of a loner, it wasn’t that I didn’t like being around other kids, I just felt awkward at times. I’ve never been a huge conversational type person even if the subject is one of interest to my somewhat scattered brain. I think that’s […]


I always did like shotguns, heck yeah! There’s something about a .12 gauge pump that just grabs your attention right now. And I guess it’s also the fact that everyone knows that a shotgun can do some damage if it has to do so. You may be surprised as I recently was that there are […]

Let Me Know

I was thinking that if there is something of interest to any of you that you would like to talk about or discuss, let me know! I’m open to many different topics, goodnight everybody and take care!

Colt Python PFC

You will find out as you read more of my blogs that I am and always have been a Colt Python enthusiast. When I was a young kid I would visit my Grandfather and I remember vividly when he would show me his gun collection. Now he owned many rifles and only a couple handguns […]

Browning Hi-Power

Now this is one handgun I’ve always liked the looks of. It was designed by John Browning who of course holds the title of designing the famed Colt 1911. This one is a gas operated model from the WE company. I bought this one primarily because as I stated I have always admired the looks of this […]


Good evening everyone! I must say that I have been struggling a bit with this, it isn’t easy to create something that is entertaining or informative on a daily basis or even a weekly basis. I am embarking on this very new and also very strange journey on the Internet after many years of working […]


I know this isn’t a Airsoft review or blog but since I do call this airsoft and hobbies I wanted to share with you another hobby of mine, NASCAR and collecting memorabilia from the sport. I live in southern California so every year for many years now I have attended the Cup Series race at […]