Browning Hi-Power

Now this is one handgun I’ve always liked the looks of. It was designed by John Browning who of course holds the title of designing the famed Colt 1911. This one is a gas operated model from the WE company. I bought this one primarily because as I stated I have always admired the looks of this particular handgun and of course there is a huge amount of history behind this piece. There have been many, many variations over the course of eighty years or so since the first model was produced. They have been utilized and carried by numerous military forces around the world as well as being a trusty sidearm to many law enforcement officers. This model is a replica of a WWII piece that I have read was used by some German officers at that time. It is a full metal pistol and has a very good feel to it. The grips are plastic but have a very nice wood look and feel to them. I haven’t fired this mainly because I got it due to the coolness of how it looks and the history behind it. If you go to youtube and search for this there are videos there that review this item. It’s actually quite nice and it looks very realistic but like I said having not fired it I can’t comment on the actual performance. But when you pull the slide back it has a very satisfying sound to it, very real. The magazine is heavy giving it a solid feel and making the balance quite nice. I was a bit confused as to  how you field strip this, it’s different than a 1911 so I went to youtube and found a video there as well. What would we do without all the technology at our disposal? Anyhow it’s pretty nice and if you like old style semi-autos I think you will like this one.

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