Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day Weekend I hope that everyone would pause and remember all of our military personnel who have paid the highest price so that we could enjoy the everyday freedom that we have. We can NEVER FORGET the sacrifices these special people have made. God Bless them all! 

Colt Rail Gun

Colt Rail Gun! I came across this online a couple days ago and thought wow, this is really cool! Of course I had to do some research on this piece and here is what I came up with. It’s made by KWC, the same company that makes the 100th anniversary Colt 1911 that I have […]

Mayberry Sheriff Badge

As a fan of old T.V. shows, The Andy Griffith Show of course stands up as one of the best of all time in my opinion. The stories were well written, the acting was on time and the fact that back in those days certain problems could be tackled and resolved in just 30 minutes! […]

Kalashnikov AK-47

Wow, this is a bad ass weapon! It’s touted as the 60th anniversary fully licensed and trademarked Kalishnikov Tactical Assault rifle. To find out more go to for an informative description on this piece. It’s really cool and I would love to have it just to hang on the wall! See ya✌️

Bald Eagles

For a few months now a live webcam in Washington DC has been following the progress of the lives of a new Bald Eagle family. This is very interesting as I am an animal lover and also interested in the betterment of our wildlife. The young eaglets are actually larger now than they are in […]

Pet Care

Today I was surfing around the web trying to find some new ideas to write about, I’ve had a mental block lately, when I came across this very interesting pet care product. It’s called the Pet Protector and it is designed to guard your pet against fleas and ticks. It’s been around for four years […]