Mayberry Sheriff Badge

As a fan of old T.V. shows, The Andy Griffith Show of course stands up as one of the best of all time in my opinion. The stories were well written, the acting was on time and the fact that back in those days certain problems could be tackled and resolved in just 30 minutes! Of course Andy himself was the strength and core of the show but without other key characters it would have not have had the strength it possessed. So several years ago I began a journey to find a replica of Sheriff Andy Taylor’s badge and after some searching found this very nice example. It’s true to size and is nickel plated, it looks much nicer in person, haha, than in a photo. It’s not a cheap badge, it has some good weight to it and is very solid. I have yet to get a Deputy Barney Fife badge although I am still hunting for one, what’s a Sheriff without his Deputy? Besides, it isn’t truly complete without both badges, don’t you agree? Enjoy and have a great night!

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