Colt Rail Gun

Colt Rail Gun! I came across this online a couple days ago and thought wow, this is really cool! Of course I had to do some research on this piece and here is what I came up with. It’s made by KWC, the same company that makes the 100th anniversary Colt 1911 that I have reviewed here. Now that tells me this is worth investigating because I was very impressed by that model and if this operates in the same manner I am already impressed. It its a Co2 powered model and full metal construction, and like its other 1911 cousin the Co2 cartridge is inserted into the magazine. This example is a stainless model with engraved Colt trades rather than painted or etched on marks. The grips are plastic although I think they look quite nice and of course if you wanted to you could adapt actual 1911 grips to this sweet handgun. Of course you are wondering why, “rail gun”? Well, this is an actual replica of a weapon that Colt released several years ago and in somewhat breaking tradition has a rail modulated into the frame. Very nice and therefore certain accessories can be utilized such as a laser sight, a flashlight or other devices. I have also read that the United States Marine Corps has adopted this model as their official sidearm. Awesome!  I haven’t acquired one of these beauties yet but plan to soon. Take it easy!👍

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