Good evening everyone! I must say that I have been struggling a bit with this, it isn’t easy to create something that is entertaining or informative on a daily basis or even a weekly basis. I am embarking on this very new and also very strange journey on the Internet after many years of working my butt off for others who only had their own interests at heart. As many of you know and have dearly paid the price in sweat, stress and desperation you can steadily and day after day, month after month and year after year continue to drag your tired ass out of bed, go through the motions and do your job as well as possible. But are you happy? Is just being a robot to some one else’s egotistical and grand dreams of being the ruler of others what we aspire to? Well I lived that for many, many years and after so many days spent worrying and having stomach aches and headaches, I’m not sure which caused which, but they never began at the same time! One would lead to the other. Well any way I finally after many and painfull sleepless nights decided to leave my job of over a decade. It wasn’t easy but I am now able to sleep much better but of course there is the question I ask myself now. How to earn an income? I have enjoyed many different activities and hobbies in my life, firearms being one and NASCAR also. So I thought, hmmm, wouldn’t it be interesting to start a website or blog to discuss and share with others my interests? Surely there must be a huge amount of folks that share these interests as I do. But it has been very difficult because reading other blogs on how to become successful at this and also discovering all the many ideas on how to pursue this endeavor have been quite overwhelming to say the least! So for now I will just say this, I am not giving up on this and hope you will all have patience with me. I would for sure like this to become a good and honest way to earn an income and I know it will take some time, but I am willing to give it time. So for now that is my story, by the way I’m not a kid, I’ll be 54 in March! So this is a bit scary, wish me luck and any advice will be greatly appreciated! Talk to ya’ll soon! šŸ˜Ž


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