Kokusai Colt Python, part 2

Ok, so I revealed about a week or so ago that I had found a replica revolver that I had seen on a website or two several years ago but had been very elusive for me to obtain even after searching and searching for a very long time. It’s the Japanese company Kokusai Colt Python replica, this one being the nickel six-inch barreled model. With much anticipation over the last couple of days I had been tracking the shipping where-abouts of this and lo and behold this afternoon I saw on my phone it  was available for pickup at the post office. So I hauled butt, got it and returned home to check it out. It’s impressive looking and of course looks exactly like a Colt Python, it even weighs about the same being it is full metal. Now you have to remember this replica is about 30 years old so it isn’t perfect. The cylinder stop is stuck down for some reason which means the cylinder itself will spin freely within the frame, I knew this already as this was stated by the seller. I was hoping it was a problem I could easily fix but this is something that will require the gun being disassembled. I’m not willing to take the gun apart because I’m not a gunsmith and I have attempted to repair these types of problems before but it never ended well! So for now it will remain in this condition. The hammer cocks solidly and the trigger action works fine. The grips are plastic but look just fine and feel quite well. As I said I have always been a Colt Python admirer having been introduced to a beautiful Royal blue model by my Grandpa when I was a kid.

It was always a revolver that I really was impressed by and the fact that the actual real steel Colt sells for thousands of dollars now kind of kicked me in the head. The real version of this can cost 3000 dollars these days! Maybe more depending on the condition of the weapon. And these are rare in the U.S. from what I’ve read because they were mainly shipped to people in Great Britain where private gun ownership is illegal. And there seems to be a market for the citizens there for airsoft and replica guns, I’ve also seen websites there that sell real firearms that have been deactivated, nice ones too. But they won’t ship here either and can be quite expensive. Anyways, the fact that I’m a very huge Walking Dead fan and just a fan of the Colt Python makes this a very nice addition to my collection. Oh yeah, and it looks really cool in my old Tex Shoemaker holster, the same one Rick has always used. I’ll post that next! See ya!

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