This is the first gas operated pistol I ever ordered, I knew nothing about them but saw this online one night and was so impressed by its looks that I had to have it. It’s made by the WE company and is a replica of course of the famed Colt 1911. It is full metal and originally it came with the checkered plastic grips. Later I added a set of Pachmayr decelerator grips that I saw in a catalog. I think they look very nice and give the gun a bit more of a realistic look. I ordered this from AirsoftShortyUSA about seven or eight years ago I think and one of the reasons being it came with a spare magazine. This was a plus I felt because at that time spare mags were around 20 bucks so that was a selling point. Now as I said I was totally new to gas airsoft guns and really had no idea how to charge the magazine with gas. I had read on the Internet about this procedure and was quite curious to try it. But I was in for a surprise, not knowing some of the technical aspects of doing this. I decided I would use propane as the gas for charging this, the same propane you would use with a portable gas grill. It’s quite easy to find, hardware stores carry it as well as Wal-mart, that’s where I buy it. But in order to fill the magazine you need a nozzle that screws to the top of the bottle of propane so that you can inject the gas into it. You also should use silicone spray, I spray a bit inside the nozzle before screwing it to the bottle of propane. I read that in doing this you are protecting the rubber seals inside the magazine, the gas is dry and can cause damage. The silicone will lubricate and protect the magazine and the pistol itself. When I received this and decided to try it out it was in the dead of winter. I followed the procedures I had read online, what I have just explained, and prepared to fire this gun for the first time. Boy was I disappointed. Now this is a blowback model, you pull the slide back to load a plastic bb into the chamber and when you pull the trigger the slide blows back, loading another bb. But when I pulled the trigger, nothing happened. I tried again and again, only getting it to fire maybe once or twice. What was the problem? Of course I figured it was ME, that I was screwing up! Like I said, this was in January and where I live it can get very cold at that time. So, when in doubt I went to my backup plan, Google. I’ll search and try to find out what I’m doing wrong. That’s when I found out that at certain temperatures propane just will not work, if it’s below about 50 degrees or so, forget it. It was a relief to find this out because I thought I was an idiot or the gun was faulty or, or, and so on. But the next summer, when it was about 75 degrees, I couldn’t wait to try it again. Man, what a difference! It worked like it should and has a nice kick to it and is just really cool. After fueling up the magazine I am able load and reload almost 3 times before having to fuel it up again. It holds 15 bb’s i believe but it’s been awhile since I have fired it. All in all it’s a nice piece and of course it’s a 1911 so that adds to the beauty of it. There are several places that sell this online, just look for WE 1911a1 gas airsoft. Just don’t try to use it when it’s 30 degrees outside!


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