Kokusai Colt Python

Hello everyone! This is rather interesting because I finally found something that has proved elusive for quite some time. It’s a Colt Python replica that was made by a Japanese company called Kokusai. Many years ago I saw these on the Internet but by then they were out of production and very difficult to find. There is a company in England that sells these, or did at one time and I had contacted them only to find out that they don’t ship to the United States. Bummer, but to my surprise I saw one on my favorite site, eBay. The prices on these are quite high and the item I saw was no exception so I balked and of course as I watched it was sold the same day, within an hour or so. So a few months after my disappointment a couple days ago, bingo, the same model gun is there! It’s expensive, it’s used, but it looks awesome and I’m thinking if I don’t get it I may never get another chance. Besides, being a lifelong Colt Python fan AND a huge Walking Dead fan I gotta have this. So, I bought it, yikes! I always feel a bit concerned buying something this old, I think these were made in the eighties, but I just had to have it. Besides, my inner Rick Grimes told me I should do this, haha! Of course when I get this I will write a review on it and let you know what the verdict is on this cool piece. Until then, take care!👍👍


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