Police Badges

How many of us have watched a cop show or detective drama where the officer knocks on the door and shouts, “police, open up!” And of course when the suspect or person in question opens the door the first object they see is a badge! When I was a kid growing up I always thought […]

M870 Pump Shotgun(Silver)

I recieved an email from Evike.com today, they are promoting many products and this is one of them. I have a review on this site about this model but this is the new silver version. I think it looks pretty awesome in this finish and I wanted to share it with everyone. It’s the same […]

Rick Grimes Backpack

Today is my birthday, yes, another year gone by! But enough of that, I wanted to show you a pretty awesome gift I recieved from my Mom and Dad. It’s an officially licensed Walking Dead backpack. It’s made out of a durable canvas material and has a roomy interior that actually pulls out to reveal […]

Auto Club 400

Yesterday, March 20th was the annual running of the Auto Club 400 and we were there as usual and had a great time. Jimmie Johnson, upper left photo, won the race for the sixth time, a record at this racetrack. The other photo is of me next to a replica of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s race […]

Racing, Racing!

Ok, so I am a huge race fan, especially NASCAR. Hell, I’ve paid to drive a stock car at Auto Club Speedway, 3 times! ¬†Anyways I will be there this Sunday for the Auto Club 400 as I have been for many years and I will include some pics for you as I have stated […]

M4 Assault Rifle

There have been many variations of the M4 assault rifle over the years, it actually started its life as a shortened version of the M16 during the Vietnam War. But then it was known as the Xm177 or the Car15. They were primarily used by special forces and other specially trained units where a smaller […]

Colt Python springer

Ahh, yes, I know I have mentioned that I am a Colt Python fan. This one is just a plain and simple spring powered revolver, it’s made of a strong and durable plastic, ABS I believe and feels quite well built for a non metal revolver. It’s a single action gun so you have to […]

Blank Firing Guns

Did you know that there are some truly amazing handguns that are designed to only fire blank ammo? There are and many of them are very awesome examples of fine workmanship and design. Soon I will be featuring some of these for you so come back soon for that!


This is the first gas operated pistol I ever ordered, I knew nothing about them but saw this online one night and was so impressed by its looks that I had to have it. It’s made by the WE company and is a replica of course of the famed Colt 1911. It is full metal […]