M4 Assault Rifle

There have been many variations of the M4 assault rifle over the years, it actually started its life as a shortened version of the M16 during the Vietnam War. But then it was known as the Xm177 or the Car15. They were primarily used by special forces and other specially trained units where a smaller and somewhat lighter weapon was desired.

The weapon has evolved in many ways since then and has continued to be utilized by specialized units and has seen intense action throughout both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course this is the Airsoft version, it was made by a company called Elite Force. There are many companies out there that produce a version of this particular weapon and depending on price many variations. There are full metal versions, blowback versions and like the one pictured, a polymer built version. It’s battery powered, the battery being located inside the hand guard. The gearbox which is the operating system is full metal adding to the nice weight of this piece.

Now when I first got this it looked exactly as it does in the first 2 pictures except for the sling. I added that a bit later and also thought it would look cool with a scope mounted on it. So I purchased another carry handle which was described to be for a real M4 and also a frame rail designed to attach to the top of the carry handle. I then looked around for a suitable scope and not wanting to spend a ton of money but wanting something decent I found the one you see here. I think it looks awesome and I also added a rubber bayonet! There are so many accessories out there for this type of weapon and as far as I know will accept actual M4 add-ons, externally of course. It fires semi-auto and full-auto and seems to have pretty good battery life. If you are interested in something like this I suggest looking around because like I said before there are many different variations of this cool assault weapon out there. So enjoy and I hope you like this review. 

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