Police Badges

imageHow many of us have watched a cop show or detective drama where the officer knocks on the door and shouts, “police, open up!” And of course when the suspect or person in question opens the door the first object they see is a badge! When I was a kid growing up I always thought how cool that was and wanted a nice replica police badge. Over the years it was quite difficult I found to acquire accurate looking law enforcement badges and of course there is a very good reason for that. Especially after September 11, 2001, I can totally understand the reasons for the tighter restrictions on the selling of realistic and current badges of law enforcement. And think of this for a moment, you are a cop and you trained and put your heart and soul into earning that badge that you wear proudly on your uniform, it wasn’t given to you, you busted your ass for it! I have know many cops in my life and I’ll tell you, I liked them all. They were good men and I had respect for them, some are alive, some are not. I would like to give a shout out to James Genn who recently passed, retired C.H.P. Officer. I don’t normally do this but he has been on my mind lately. We worked at the same place for several years, of course he was retired from the Highway Patrol and worked as a seasonal employee and we talked about guns and when he was a cop and his service in Vietnam, he was a L.R.R.P. A bad ass but a very nice dude. Wow! My story strayed a bit from where it started but I have a tendency to stray a bit from the start, I’m sorry, I wanted to share Jimmy with you. I will share some more of my replica badges with you soon, please be safe!😴

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