Rick Grimes Backpack

Today is my birthday, yes, another year gone by! But enough of that, I wanted to show you a pretty awesome gift I recieved from my Mom and Dad. It’s an officially licensed Walking Dead backpack. It’s made out of a durable canvas material and has a roomy interior that actually pulls out to reveal  a divider for perhaps a tablet or just a divider to keep certain items separated. After you fill the interior of this bug-out bag simply pull the draw strings and then close the upper flap to protect your valuables.imageIt also utilizes two outside pockets for perhaps a cellphone, maybe some spare clips for your semi-auto, maybe….., oh! Sorry, just imagining a few different scenes in my head. But seriously, this is a pretty beefy and impressive item in my opinion, and the heavy canvas and faux leather along with the subtle distressed accents to make it appear a bit used only add to its appeal. And the replica King County Sheriff badge that is a bit rustic in its appearance on the main flap only adds to this items flavor. So, Happy Birthday to me, HaHaHa! 🍺🍺🎉

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