S&T m870 Pump Shotgun

This is a spring action pump shotgun made by S&T. It features a full metal receiver and barrel and a full wood butt stock and fore-end. It very closely resembles a Remington m870 pump shotgun and has the weight and feel of the real thing. It utilizes a plastic magazine that is inserted below the receiver where you would load the shells in a real shotgun. I believe the magazine holds 40 6mm plastic bb’s although I haven’t fully loaded mine yet. Pump the fore-end and it fires one bb at a time. It’s quite powerful, I dont know the fps rating but Evike.com has this and all the specs on their website. I think it’s a pretty cool airsoft shotgun and even as a collectable or to hang on the wall it would be great. But it does shoot quite hard and wouldn’t doubt it hurts a good deal!

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