KWC M1911

This is the 100th anniversary full metal Co2 powered m1911. These came out a few years ago but are still on the market. This is a very nice pistol being that it is Co2 powered rather than propane. Anyone who owns a propane gas powered gun knows that they simply do not work properly when the temps outside are low. But this will function just fine in any kind of weather. It has full Colt trademarks on the left side of the slide and has a very realistic feel to it. Adding to the realism is the firing of this pistol. The Co2 cartridge is placed in the magazine and then using the provided Allen key you tighten a screw at the bottom of the mag. You will hear a burst of air escaping from the cartridge, it takes a certain touch to do this without all the air leaking out but it isn’t difficult. Then after you load the clip with 6mm plastic bb’s, insert it into the gun, pull back the slide and pull the trigger. Each time the slide will blow back chambering another bb. It has a very nice kick to it and just adds to realistic qualities of this piece. So if you are a 1911 fan or just want a very nice and hard shooting pistol I recommend this one. I have seen this on many websites, Shorty had these but the last I checked they were out of stock, they may have them back now. Also, carries this item and I have also seen them on eBay.


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