Colt Python

Well this is called the Zombie Killer for obvious reasons. I’ve been a fan of the Colt Python all my life so I will cover many different versions here. Of course this is a replica of the weapon that Rick Grimes carries in The Walking Dead though the advertising doesn’t mention that. But it’s clear to anyone who is a fan of the show and knows guns that this is a copy of Rick’s trusty sidearm. These are pretty cool, I have one that’s a bit older but it’s the same gun, they are made of plastic but are quite durable. They come with hollow shells that you load each 6mm bb into and then load into the cylinders chambers like the real revolver. It is spring loaded and single action only, meaning you must cock the hammer for each shot. These aren’t very powerful and they are not very accurate beyond about 20 feet but they are fun and realistic. And for the Colt Python fan and Deputy Grimes fan it’s a nice collectable. has these now for about 35 bucks.

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