Tanaka M29

When I was about 12 or 13 I saw Dirty Harry for the first time. I was totally blown away by it and of course being a life long Clint Eastwood fan made it that much better. And the world outside of the gun enthusiasts were introduced to the Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum, model 29. Now the model 29 was never intended to be a service revolver for law enforcement officers although I have read over the years that a few cops here and there actually carried one on duty! That’s pretty crazy, but I guess if you are patrolling the wild lands of Alaska I can see why. The .44 Remington Magnum cartridge was developed in the 1950’s primarily for the new revolver for hunting purposes. The model 29 was designed to be used for hunting but I suppose the size and caliber of the weapon appealed to many gun enthusiasts for other reasons. The real weapon is quite heavy of course, Ive had the pleasure of firing a m29 with a 8 inch barrel, and depending on the ammo being discharged the recoil can be quite brutal. But they are very nice revolvers and to me have a great appeal. Of course these days cops carry semi-autos with high capacity magazines which they have to do, a .357 magnum packs a hell of a punch but if you are in a firefight with a bunch of crazy assholes with automatic weapons you can’t afford to reload after every six shots. But it’s fun to look back at the old days when these types of firearms were the norm, when I watch these old movies like The French Connection and all the undercover cops are using snub-nose .38 specials I think, wow, times sure have changed! But anyways this replica m29 is pretty awesome, it took me a long time to find it. It’s made by Tanaka Works and is a heavyweight model, I found it on RedWolf Airsoft several years ago. It’s kind of weird but it seems like Tanaka makes a certain number of guns, not just this one, and then they discontinue them. I’ve found that to be a rather normal occurrence with the company, but I was persistent and kept looking for this one until I found it. Oh yes, it is gas powered but you know I have never even fired it, it’s just the cool factor of owning, well, almost owning a m29. I hope you like it and I think Callahan would too.

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