Zoraki M906 Blank Firing


I had mentioned that I would include a review or two of selected blank firing guns. Guns that are designed and built to fire blanks are far superior to the cap pistols that were around when I was a kid. There was a time when blank rounds were designed to be used in real firearms for the purpose of being used in movies and television. These days there are many varieties of blank gun models that are very realistic and which perform very well. This is a good example, the Zoraki M906. While it isn’t an exact replica of any gun out there it does look somewhat like a Sig Sauer or perhaps a Ruger .380 semi-auto handgun. The frame is a polymer design while the barrel and slide are made of alloy I’m assuming as many replica and blank firing guns are constructed of this material.It has a six round magazine which accepts 9mm blank rounds and they are very loud, as loud as real ammunition. It’s very realistic, ejecting each spent round and chambering another each time you pull the trigger. I’ve seen these described as pocket pistols due to their size and they are very compact indeed. Zoraki makes several different models of blank firing guns, I have another model from this company and in my opinion the quality is very nice, they are made very well. There are several examples of these guns in action on YouTube if you want to check them out.

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