Colt Peacemaker Replica

Ok, so several years ago I had seen in a few catalogs I got in the mail and also on some websites this replica Colt single action army or the Peacemaker as its commonly referred to. I think it was in about 2007 or 2008 when I actually ordered one of these from a website I had found. Well, guess what? I never got it! 

I waited for a couple weeks after my online order and after nothing happened I contacted the company by e-mail and politely asked when I should expect to receive my new toy and never got a response. And the site did not post a phone number so no way to talk to anyone. So, I was S.O.L.! This gun wasn’t produced for very long I take it because after a while I stopped seeing them anywhere and therefore kind of forgot about it. Until recently. I was on eBay one day and came across this one, so I got it. Not knowing what to expect because I had never handled this piece I was pleasantly surprised when I got it. It’s all metal, has a nice weight to it and when you cock the hammer it has the authentic four clicks that the real Colt has. It has a very nice nickel finish and engraving that makes this revolver very attractive to look at. The grips it came with felt a bit cheap, they aren’t bad, but just kind of hollow and light. So I replaced them with a set of ivory polymer grips that give it a much better feel. After doing a bit of research on this I found that the Franklin Mint had produced this type of gun in limited quantities and then later it was re-released but not by the Franklin Mint, I’m not sure by whom. This is the model I have, it’s basically the same gun with a few minor differences. The F.M. model was a replica of an actual Colt designed and presented to John Wayne many years ago and even has the actual real revolvers serial number stamped on it, pretty cool I think. So, I like this one, always being a fan of six-shooters and Cowboys and western movies and t.v. shows. It looks like it would be at home displayed in a museum for sure!image

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