Hello there everyone! I decided after many years of collecting and reading about many different types of Airsoft guns that it may be interesting to actually write a blog about them. Since I was a kid I have been interested in firearms of all different types and when the hobby or sport if you will of Airsoft began I was quite curious about it. I bought my first Airsoft handgun at the local hardware store about twenty years or so ago. It cost about 12 bucks I think and I used it so much it broke after about three weeks. But for 12 bucks I wasn’t really surprised and as time went by I began to collect more of them, mostly searching for replicas of actual firearms that interested me. So over the years I have acquired some interesting pieces, some easy to find and others not so easy. In the future here I will be discussing some of these and also where I purchased them, websites and companies which sell these products and also accessories and to go with them in some instances. And of course also I would like to hear input from others who share the same interests. And because I have decided to call this cool Airsoft and hobbies I will also from time to time share some other interests of mine that I’m sure others share and have some fun reading about. The fact of the matter is in this world there are many diversions to help us deal with our daily lives and having a hobby whether it be reading or watching movies, listening to music, or just having a simple hobby that helps us to have a diversion to the daily rigors of life. So that’s why I started this to share because it’s a diversion for me! And it’s enjoyable, so enjoy. And please let me know what your opinions are. And take care, always.

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