This is the first gas operated pistol I ever ordered, I knew nothing about them but saw this online one night and was so impressed by its looks that I had to have it. It’s made by the WE company and is a replica of course of the famed Colt 1911. It is full metal […]

Kokusai Colt Python, part 2

Ok, so I revealed about a week or so ago that I had found a replica revolver that I had seen on a website or two several years ago but had been very elusive for me to obtain even after searching and searching for a very long time. It’s the Japanese company Kokusai Colt Python […]

Kokusai Colt Python

Hello everyone! This is rather interesting because I finally found something that has proved elusive for quite some time. It’s a Colt Python replica that was made by a Japanese company called Kokusai. Many years ago I saw these on the Internet but by then they were out of production and very difficult to find. […]

Back Then

When I was a kid growing up I remember being a bit of a loner, it wasn’t that I didn’t like being around other kids, I just felt awkward at times. I’ve never been a huge conversational type person even if the subject is one of interest to my somewhat scattered brain. I think that’s […]